Monthly Archives: January 2008

Don’t tell my heart…my achy breaky heart

“oh c-DoGg i can hear your heartbeat….its beatin hard or hardly beatin…YOUCHOOSE!” -POT



Ya’ll James Franco and ya shoulda been OTD

Don’t get all up on my D, just because I didn’t have it saved on my C (drive)


Sometimes I run sometimes I get funny when I’m high

“HAHA…omg POT you’re really funny when you’re high!” -Dubz

“And I’m really fuckin high right now…” -POT

POT’s fun song and dance

“Im funny when im high

im funny when im high

i dont know why

i get so funny when im high”


POT travels to space

BREAKING NEWS! This just in: 7:15 pm- POTamous has just been discovered flying in space! Officials say he was seen flying inside an hourglass at approximately 6:30pm Saturday evening . An investigation is still underway to find out how exactly this occured. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is working on an immediate rescue procedure to safely bring POT home. POTamous, age 21, is a resident of THE DELL in old town Chicago. A picture of this miraculous event can be seen by scrolling down:















Introducing Evana!!

Everyone wants pie but Evan “- DUBZ

“WHAT?!?! Evan doesnt want any ice cream?”- POT

“No He wants a hot dog”- Dubz

“Evan, do you want your hot dog heated or boiled?”- POT

“No. Ill come in there and fry it.”

– Evana


NY & Chi Chi

“I need to take a shower right now! I have the filth of two major cities on me!”

<insert plaza pic>

My first stealing experience

“The first thing I ever stole was sequins, thats how gay I am”