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yall lick the penis stem and ya shoulda licked a dog treat

*C-Dogg starts to lick the pumpkin’s dick stem*

“Damn..he’s gonna straight up eat this thing if we put it on the ground.” -Dubz

“Yeah….or back up into it” -POTamous

(gasp) THAI CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You guys are fucking with my blogging!!



…AM I????”- POTamous


I haven’t legitamently ordered food in years

They have orange chicken..-Pot

I love orange chicken.-Dubz

I’m getting orange chicken.-POT

Did we order orange chicken from Silver Sea?”- POT


WHAT? That house has a family room?!?!?!?!?!


C-Dogg is SUCH a celebrity

seriously….who took this picture?  She can’t even leave the dell without having the paparazzi on her tail.  This pic was found on google image!


Adventures of Pete and Pete

We shall now start to have bathroom chats with POT and Dubz.  This consists of celebrity gossip, daily occurances, or even past memories AKA-stories.  Hope you enjoy!

PART 1: To shave or not to shave?  Should Dubz shave his head, or keep his hair long? POT remembers having a 7-year old shaved head. THe end. ENJOY!



goat cheese and some bacon on the side.

smoke weed before we go to fright fest at six flags…but wed have a heart attack!!

“sorry i dropped some….” -Dubz “i know its ok…i ate it.” -POTamous

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