Monthly Archives: August 2007

Role Call: C-Unit



Role Call: Titters


Role Call: Dubz


Role Call: POTamous


It all started with a lil innocent, “Welcome to our Soiree!!”

In order of events..

We smell and see smoke BILLOWING from the oven…

“More Windows. More Windows.More Windows. More Windows. More Windows. More Windows. More Windows.More Windows. More Windows.More Windows.!!”

“Are these fans on high? Cuz They needd to be on high.”

“C-DOGG. Stick in the dell.” “There will be no escaping this burning apartment.”

” Girl! TWO things:
First- The smoke is clearing up.

Second… Wait. Is the smoke clearing up?”

“There are way too many high blogs happening. I need to stop talking. ”


Signz to mass PROduce

Produce production:

“Pool Sticks here ”

You need to turn that muzak doWWWWnnn.”

yall taste like cleaner

“Girl i can’t believe he came in right then….

while I was gulping down his cleaner!”

-POTamous on the cleaning guy and his cleaner…

we believe POT may need Poison Control